The Coming, The Beginning, Of Devils Kiss!

With their Digital Press Kit finally being released to venues across Melbourne, and soon to head out to South and East of Australia, Devils Kiss launches their full website! Including a sneak peek into their first Album with a 3 x Exclusive Demo Track Release! With a twist to your average pages for bands, Devils Kiss incorporates its own social platform for its members within its site. DK Fans known as the “Sinners” access a part of the site called the “Sinners HQ” where they can discuss with other fans their interest in the music and band through forums and chat rooms. The Band can often be seen visiting the Sinners HQ for a chat too! Offering a General Admission subscription which allows fan to access the Sinner Headquarters for free, and a VIP subscription of $2/month which allows for one on one exclusive live video streams and Q&A sessions, and although general live streams and Q&A sessions are available for all, the VIP Subscription has its perks. Inside of the Sinners HQ is a constantly updated calendar offering giveaways, competitions, and exclusive releases. Most giveaways are given to VIP’s, where a lot of discounts are given to the General, and sometimes a “Surprise From Hell” will be announced which is a prize open for all to grab at!

The Devils Kiss website is full of images, info, teaser videos, and more in the lead up to the release of their first full Studio Recorded Album, as well as the release of their first full-fledged and action packed music video! It’s been said that within their music videos there will be hints, or clues, hidden messages to follow in which each video shows another piece of a larger puzzle to be followed. Exciting! Stay tuned, and if you haven’t subscribed to their email list, do so. Be the first to know when a post is released, an update to the Sinners HQ Calendar is made, when new merch is released and more! With no signs of slowing down, this is one hell of a band you’ll want to keep up with!

Have a listen to the 3 x Tracks HERE
Check out the Devils Kiss Logo Merch HERE
And register for General Admission, or VIP access HERE